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The study portal Noppa is a handy tool for both students and teachers of LUT for communication and managing coursework. Noppa consists of course home pages on which the teacher can publish e.g., course overviews, dates of lectures and exercises, course materials, information about assignments and exams, news and exam results. In other words, basic information about the courses and their arrangements is collected in one place.

Each student logged into Noppa has their personal start page, ‘My Noppa’, on which they can see the news and important deadlines of all the courses for which they have registered using WebOodi. It also includes a ‘Courses I Attend’ menu bar containing links to the home pages of the courses. Similarly, the teacher start page contains the news and deadlines of the courses administered by the teacher, and the ‘Courses I Administer’ menu bar containing links to the home pages of the courses.
Noppa is currently integrated with Oodi and Blackboard to enable information to be shared between the systems. Together these three systems will constitute the Managed Learning Environment (MLE) which radically reduces the need to copy information from one system to another.
For example, all the basic course information such as course contents, credits, prerequisites, requirements and students enrolled on the course are automatically imported from Oodi to Noppa. In the future, teachers can import lecture and exercise timetables from Oodi, which makes manual copying and pasting unnecessary.

Noppa implementation phases

The Noppa portal was piloted during the 3rd study period 2009 by the following courses:
  • CS34A0450 Suomalaiset työmarkkinat
  • AB20A0200 Rahoituksen perusteet
  • BK90C0500 Komposiittien jalostustekniikka.

Noppa for Students

  • Basic information about the courses, such as course overviews and arrangements, is all collected in one place.
  • On your personal start page, you can read course news and check the deadlines of all the courses you currently attend at a glance.
  • You can copy and print lecture slides and handouts, assignments and other course materials provided by the teacher, and check your exam results.

Noppa for Teachers

  • You can publish lecture slides, handouts, assignments and other course materials for the students.
  • You do not need to re-enter course overviews or timetables into Noppa, because the information is imported from Oodi. This, among other things, makes Noppa easy to use.
  • Noppa facilitates effective communication with students.
  • Collecting all the basic course information in one place reduces chances for misunderstandings and lead to fewer inquiries about course arrangements.

Further information is available at How to use Noppa.

 Contact information

Noppa helpdesk: noppahelp [at]
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